EASY- Do what you love and the money will follow
You will receive the business kit which includes everything needed to start up your successful business No need for a warehouse, Your personal web shop is open 24/7, even during holidays, so also your friends from other side of Europe can order products Your Team Leader & Mentor will support you during this exciting path
FUN- Make business work for you not you to work for business
You can create a fun experience with hostess and guests while sharing the stories & creating customised jewellery You decide when and how much you work You can choose your own colleagues to work with

REWARDING- Earn additional income and replace your current income- choice is yours Get up to 50% discount from your personal purchases Enjoy the commission ( 50% from all charms and 30% from other jewellery items) from all purchases made through your personal T`Aide Living web shop Earn money quickly by organizing a Jewellery Party where you can keep the profits Become a Team Leader & earn additional income on your team sales volume Earn the recognition & rewards which we have prepared specially for you