It’s a privilege and honour to be surrounded by inspiring people and share this INSPIRATION with all of you through the beautiful T`Aide Living® jewellery collection now! While I had a challenging time in my life, a great friend sent me a message I’d like to share with you:


With T`Aide Living® jewellery we can make feeling of BELIEF stronger and share it with all your family and friends around the Europe, as my dear friend shared her belief with me. T`Aide Living® is a family–run jewellery company using social sales. As a single mother of two wonderful kids I’m sure, that instead of fulfilling some corporate CEO’s private jet with fuel in the other side of sea, social sales is about helping a little girl in your city to go to a dance class, to get a hockey team equipment for a boy living next door, to pay your family mortgage, to pay the college tuition when you decided to explore the Europe or simply buy a new pair of shoes for yourself! I believe, that simple encouragements and shared stories told with T`Aide Living® jewellery can make  life more meaningful and SUPPORT THE FUTURE.